Friday, May 07, 2010

Grace's Merit Certificate.

Proud parent moment this morning. Grace got the merit certificate for her class at school assembly. "For her willingness to try her hardest at what ever task it is. It is a pleasure to have her in the class". For a girl who was less than impressed on her first day at school up here, she is doing okay. Well done Gracie!

And to keep this post quilting related, Sew Mama Sew are having another May Giveaway Day! Details here. I participated in the Decemeber 2008 and it was great, I got 315 comments. Wonder if I can beat that this year. Don't know what I'll give away yet, something quilted to hang on the wall maybe.....


AJ said...

Well Done Grace!!

I'm thinking about the giveaway day...but I'll be in hospital that week...may have to pre-date a post!

Millie said...

well done Grace!