Friday, July 27, 2007

Flashback Friday - Week 1

What a hoot! Welcome to Flashback Friday! I visitied a few blogs last week to come to this blog here, to find Flashback Friday. An idea started where on a Friday you post a photo of yourself before 1985. So here is my first picture.

My brother Scott and I in 1981 according to Nan's writing on the back. We are standing in the front yard of Nan and Grandad's house in the northern surburbs of Perth. I remember the feel of this frock, a sythetic lyrca, it drip dried in like 10 minutes and I thought it was the coolest frock ever! The neck line was elastic so I could wear it like above or to be extra chic, pull it down to show some shoulder! And the look is tied up nicely with the mullet hairdo! *sigh* To be 10 again!


AJ said...

I love the socks and sandles....I can't really play along...they would be that bad I was only born in 1980!!

Cass said...

I love those long sock Helen. Cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

oh my I had the same dress and another in red .
thay were my sundayschool dresses.
thank you for the memories

ingrid said...

Oh my, for a minute there I thought the pic was of you and adds. I was wondering who was the unfortunate sister in the shorts! I am glad it is a brother, lol.
I had a very similar dress too.
Love the socks!

Suzanne Earley said...

Aren't you two cute! Love your brother's smile. Do all little boys make those funny smirks for photos?

h&b said...

I had dresses and peasant shirts like this.

I used to want to wear them showing shoulder, like the girls in the Cherry Ripe Commercials, but mum liked me to be more pure.

I'd pull them down again as soon as I was out of eyesight :)

Lily said...

Helen, you're looking highly coordinated there with the purple sandles and white socks and THAT dress. The former 10yo in me is now insanely jealous that you had a dress you could wear off-the-shoulder!!!! LOL