Monday, July 02, 2007

Day Care, Dentists, Tears and some Micheal Miller.

What a day! This is going to be a self pity post. Bare with me....... Today is the girls first day at Day Care, well not their first first as they used to do FDC, but the first at this particular centre. I drop Grace at kindy and then take Milly and then they pick up Grace from kindy and take her there, leaving my whole day free. Which should be a good thing right? So why am I all getting all teary as I'm walking in with Milly? And then as we sat on the mat and joined in singing some nursery rhymes, why am I sitting there singing Incy Whincy spider with a tear rolling down my check? Silly Helen. It's cause the other side of my brain is thinking what are you doing leaving her here with these strangers? Hopefully she'll love it, I know she'll be okay when Grace arrives from kindy.

Then to celebrate my day of freedom, what do I do? Go to the dentist! Its been literally years since I have been, I hate dentists, hate the smell, hate the sound of the drill, hate the pain, yuck, yuck, yuck! But a few weeks ago when I was trying to get some food out of my teeth that was stuck inbetween, a chunk of tooth fell out so thought I better go for a check up. So two X rays later and some proding later, I am presented with the news that I need a root canal and also two crowns. :( The good news was that only 2 of my teeth need work, the rest are okay which isn't so bad as I had visions of like 10 fillings. But a root canal?? Aren't they really painful?? And the crowns! $$$$$$$ So I came out of there and sat in the car, rang Daz and burst into tears again. My next appointment is on the 16th.

Before I went to the dentist I went to my 4 local fabric shops searching for this red Fossil Fern that I need to finish my BOL quilt. Nothing, absolutely nothing! So I'm going to Mum's tomorrow and I'll search her stash, if not I'm taking Atet's idea and introducing another colour. Whats a girl to do?

And to end on a sewing note, kind of..... I finally got this fabric in the mail today, a win off ebay. The seller stuffed up and only sent me a one FQ when I actually won two, so she apoligized and sent me a half yard as well as the first FQ, so I got one for free. Its a Micheal Miller print, nice and summery for spring. Bring on spring actually, am tired of this grey weather and hopefully I will have beautiful teeth then.


Cass said...

Lovely fabric but a pain about the dentist.

Austy's Mum said...

Awww Helen! Can you use the two checked pieces as the side borders and then get a similar colour and do a different border for the top and bottom?

As for the teeth - my sympathies! I had a root canal (and a crown once it settled, and mine is probably not the best story to share as it was so badly infected that the blood was washing the anisthetic away as soon as it was administered. I ended up with a very numb eye and upper cheek, but felt everything in the tooth area when they took out the nerve. Ouch! The bright side is that the dentist said she'd heard of that happening but it's very rare and I'd been the first patient she'd had to experience it. Apparently they are normally not as bad as all the horror stories (unless you get to be a lucky rare case like me!)

I bet you the girls are like Austy and soon won't even notice you when you come to pick them up as they'll be having too much fun!

atet said...

Helen -- so sorry about your day. If it's any consolation, I'm sure your girls will love their daycare and playing with the other children.

As for the dentist, thanks for the reminder that I really need to make an appointment! Ouch.

Lovely fabric in the mail though!

Helen said...

Joy, I put my hands over my ears and went la la la la when reading your comment! LOL

Cass and Atet, I know, isn't that fabric lovely? Do love hot pink and orange together..... :)

Helen said...

You have a tear in your eye because it is one of those "end of an era" moments. There is nothing like having children to make you aware of life changes.