Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First project of 2007!

Happy New Year! 2007. It seems so in the future, but its actually now! My first post of the year.

Am celebrating the New Year by a flurry of sewing. Here's whats under the machine at the moment. I am making two raggedy edge cushions for one of the girls in my Mothers Group. Its her 40th birthday on the 10th, we are catching up for morning tea on the 8th! Which leaves me how many days to finish them??!

Have finished the front panal for one, thats below and am 3 rows into the second one. Luckily its more effective if the edges are really raggedy! I'm hoping to finsh them by the weekend, then go over to my sisters and get her to help me do the backs of them. Went to Spotlight yesterday to find some matching fabric, but came away empty handed. Not very often that happens. The squares are from Moda, not really my cup of tea but for the girlfriend they are for it will match her perfectly!

Finished the binding on the "Is it a U or N" quilt last night. Just got to sew on the label then I can post a pict of it here.


Liv said...

I am in awe of the quilts you do. Such beautiful work. I dont have the patience to quilt.

AJ said...

Can't wait to see the 'UN' quilt Helen!!

Kerry said...


Your quilts are amazing i would love to try quilting but am not game enough and dont think i would have the time.


Joanne said...

Helen, your quilt is gorgeous! I'm planning to do a rag quilt sometime this year, so you've inspired me to do it sooner rather than later!

Julie said...

Nice work! Just checked all your blog, you guys are a gorgeous family!
Your quilts are so bright! Love 'em.