Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Work In Progress Wednesday - week 3

Have actaully two things on the go at the moment. Started cutting this quilt out last Friday. Please note the gaps for the missing 4 inch squares of that butterfly fabric I am chasing! I still have to cut the corner blocks. This is stuck up on my felt wall. I have actually already sewn the middle 7 x 7 blocks. I was going to only make it that big then add a border, but then thought the hot pink was a bit over powering and so decided to make it bigger. Its for a girlfriend on EB who's daughter is going through a rough patch at the moment, to cheer her up.

And I started this bag for Grace last night. She needs a simple bag for kindy. Has to be 43 x 50 cms and with handles! I am going to blanket stitch around her name and then sew the panals together. The kids are from a KP Kids print.


Leah said...

Oh I love that quilt! That's exactly what I would love to do - colours and all. Beautiful.

Cass said...

Helen Love the quilt as usual but the bag is fantastic. Grace will be the envy of the other kids and I think you wil probably get some orders from the other parents. Well done

AJ said...

You'll have all the kids wanting one if you send Grace to Kindy with that!! Well done Helen very cute!

How are you going to quilt that one??? Going to be adventureous???