Monday, January 08, 2007

Merediths cushions finished!

Well I finished Merediths cushions in time! Yahhhh!

Have just come back from Mothers Group where I gave them too her. Was feeling nervous as she unwrapped them as I thought, what if she doesn't like them? I mean what does one say when you get a dud gift? Must be even worse if its a dud handmade gift! Anyway, she liked them. She is a very sincere lady so I'm believing her ohhs and ahhhs where genuine.

Now onto finishing Michelle's teddy bear quilt for the 22nd..... Looking foward to sewing something without a deadline in sight.


Cass said...

Helen, well done they look great as usual

Andrea said...

They look fantastic, what a great present idea!

Leah said...

Ooh Helen - I wish I wias in your Mother's Group & for more than just your company! They're so lovely.... I just LOVE your quilting. *sigh* I have quilting envy..... ;)