Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Doddie is on UTube!

Here's Daz's latest upload to UTube.

Where's Doddie?

Doddie is a Gracie Lou character. When Grace was learning to talk, she said Doddie a lot, we thought he was an imaginary friend of her's. So Daz made him a character in the series. In this footage, it was taken at our local park on Sunday, nice and early so no other kids where around, never a good look filming in a park with other kids around. Note the girls shirts! That was my sewing on the weekend, appliquing two hearts, thank goodness for that blanket stitch on my machine is all I can say! Here's Daz and Milly in action!

We didn 't include the below shot in the footage. Grace can be such a silly billy!


Julie said...

Helen - you are a secret squirrel! I had no idea you were doing all this. Congratulations! I hope it is a big success for you both.

Andrea said...

That looks great Helen, your DH has just the perfect voice over voice.
Well done to all of you.
Love the shirts too!

Cass said...

Helen, love it. Charlotte just watched it and at the end she says "can we watch it again"so now I am trying to drag her away. I said that Grace and Millie's mum made Lucy quilt. Well done