Thursday, January 18, 2007

EB Valentine Day Swap questions...

Finally gettting around to answering my Valentine Questions for our EB sewing swap.....

1. Kids…. Ages….Measurements….
Grace, nearly 4. Milly is 2. Grace's is more a size 3, Milly is a size 2.

2. Fav. colours
Pinks, purples, bright colours!

3. What is garish about valentines?
Garish? Valentine Day? Never! Fluffy teddies are a bit cringe worthy.

4. What do you LOVE about valentines?
A great excuse to eat chocolate!

5. What fabric, haberdashery item, sewing essential melts your heart?
Hot pink fabric I have a special weakness for. I'm in love with my water erasable texta at the moment too.

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