Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lucy's quilt.

Well finally Lucy's quilt has arrived at its new home. One of my lovely EB sewing buddies Cass had a baby back in November and I wanted to sew her something to say welcome to the world Lucy! Just a bit sorry it took so long to get made!

It was really a fun one to sew, I love this chook print that I "won" off ebay awhile back. And it was nice to practise my stippling stitching around the name panal, I think that came out quite nicely. Its a bit hard to make out in the picture, but the thread ran from red, orange to yellow and back to red.

Not even the end of January and already finished a quilt! What a start to 2007! Wishing you lots of happy dreams Lucy under your new quilt!


Cass said...

Once again a big thanks to Helen for Lucy's quilt. I was blown away but the effort and love she put into this gift and I am continually amazed by the EB Sewing Group

AJ said...

So that's why it took awhile to get on to your blog!! Sweet Dreams Lucy!

Julie said...

Helen, the quilt is absolutely gorgeous.