Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Work In Progress - Week 4

This weeks WIP, I dragged out of the top of the laundry cuboard, it hasn't seen the light of day since June 2005 I think! I am determined to finish it this year. As I was flicking through the blocks I was thinking ewwwww, I don't like this anymore! Yucky colours! And was pondering what I could turn it into instead. But then as I lay all the blocks out on our bed for the photo it started to grab me again. It works better whne the blocks are all together rather than indiviually. So I think I will continue and finish it. Definately getting this one professionally quilted though! Imagine trying to shove this under my machine to quilt! I'll have to work it out, but I think I need to do either 2 or 3 more rows, so either 14 or 21 more blocks.

Its based on Jan Mullen's Daizee pattern, although her design the daisy petals are just one colour. I decided to be a bit tricky and make the petals two colours, by having two rectangles instead of a square to cut. Just to add more colour to the design. These blocks will be 8 inches when I cut them down. This one is actually for our bed! Don't think I'll do it the full queen size though, just have it sit on top.

I had to stand on my bedside table to take this shot too!

And a special welcome to my sister Aunty Add in the comments too! See, bloggings not that bad is it!


Cass said...

Helen I think it looks great but then I think everything you do looks great. Noticed your sister commenting - welcome

AJ said...

Looks good Helen...I love pulling out UFO's and being inspired to finish them!

3patchpony said...
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3patchpony said...
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Helen said...

Thanks for the deleted comments Ad! :)