Sunday, December 31, 2006

A review of 2006 in quilts completed.

Well with 2006 nearly at a close, time for some reflection of the year that was in the quilting land of Helen. I did actually start up this blog to inspire me to do more quilting. Not too sure if I accomplished that as I have strayed off the path a few times sewing clothes for the girls. Have enjoyed that though, hopefully 2007 will bring more of that and more quilting!

Here's some projects finished in 2006. I haven't included any clothing, cushions or projects that I worked on with other EB quilters, just stuff finished by myself.

Below is the largest quilt I made for the year, given to close friends of Daz's for their wedding present back in February. The first and only quilt I have had professionally quilted, it looked beautiful close up. The blocks were completed at a one day workshop on stacking and slashing.

Below is a quilt finished in April for my best friends DD who turned 2. The flower blocks are based on a Jan Mullen pattern. Actually the same pattern I am a third of the way through doing a quilt for our bed, queen sized. But this one is toddler bed sized. And yes, the border strips are supposed to be wonky!

Below is a quilt finished mid in the year, but I didn't get around to catching up with the girlfriend it was for till her bub was 4 months old! Opps! And I was so proud of myself as I finished sewing the binding 2 hours before we got the SMS that he had been born! I love the cyan blue in this one.

Below is one of my favourites. The colours are just beautiful. Think the plain hot pink inner border sets it off. And I was extra careful in all my cutting as it was a present for one of the girls in my EB November 2004 group, so I wanted it to be perfect!

Below is a quilt made for one of my online EB Buddies. She had a girl in May. Lots of pinks and purples, it was a lovely one to make. I was quite chuffed as she emailed me recently to say everytime she has it in her DD's pram it gets admired.

This one below was for another EB buddy on the birth of her DD. I had hand blanket stitched these flowers when I was in hospital giving birth to Milly, so over 2 years ago. They have been sitting in the UFO pile waiting to be made into something.

And I have saved my very favourite for last. I made this for Milly back in June I think. The little squares are 2.5 inch blocks, used up a lot of scraps. She snuggles under it every night. The label on the back says simply, "Milly's Chook Quilt, made by Mummy".

Happy New Year everyone. Bring on 2007!


Belinda said...

Wow, wow, wow - that looks so impressive having them all together like that. My Mum has been quilting for a couple of years now, and she has nowhere near a collection like that. Congratulations on all your work this year. They looks great!

Anonymous said...

Helen, you are soooo talented. All the quilts are beautiful. One of my aunts makes quilts and i know the work and effort that goes in to them. Well done.

Julie said...

What gorgeous quilts with such lovely vibrant colours!! Very cheery and warm feeling indeed.

Corrie said...

wow what lovely work you have done this year! be proud its all lovely! wish I could quilt!

Andrea said...

That is a lot of quilting Helen, plus all of your sewing and abuble writing!
You have inspired me to attempt a quilt for a frind having a bub soon.
Will keep you posted.

Joanne said...

Helen those quilts are just amazing! Your use of colours... I am just so impresssed! The chicken quilt is just fantastic!

tigerfilly said...

Love Love the pink one......and the rest - I am in awe of your patience Helen!