Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Family Santa Photo!

We have had another Santa photo taken, as you do!! Worked on Sunday and Daz brought the girls in to work to pick me up, and Santa isn't that far from where my bauble card table is, and it was quiet so we decided to go say hi to Santa. Milly wouldn't have a bar of him this time, so Daz and I had to get in the shot too. Turned out okay, I actually like it better than the other one. Think I might use this on our Christmas cards instead! Please note Grace is wearing a skirt I made! Shock, horror!!! :)

Thank you too for all your lovely comments on the video Daz made me from my last post. It really meant a lot to both of us, thank you! Glad to share the awwwwww tears around!


Anonymous said...

Helen, lovely picture. Good to see your clothes being worn.

Anonymous said...

I remember your posts from before saying that Grace sometimes wouldn't wear what you sew. Now, wearing a skirt you made and a lovely pic - that's something to treasure!