Thursday, December 21, 2006

Sewing Mail!

The mailman was good to me yesterday! Two sewing related parcels. My EB Secret Santa Paula sent me the above goodies, all the way from New Zealand!! I was most excitied, just come home from a 9 hour shift at work and kinda clashed with another one of the girls in my department so was feeling a bit over it all. Daz tried to get me to put it under the tree as it was all wrapped up but I told him no way! So I now have a lovely selection of material for my stash and some ribbon and 2 zips. The purple stripey print I think I'll make some "comfey" pants with for winter for the girls as its nice and fleecy on the other side. The hot pink peice is a great size for backing for a cot sized quilt too. Thanks again Paula, you spoilt me! :)

And also recieved an envelope from the lovely AJ. Sorry AJ, I know you signed your real name on the card, but you'll always be AJ to me!! Two patterns for Christmas Tree skirts. Hopefully this time next year I can post that I have actually finished one! I'm thinking of the strippey one to make. And also some sweet hair clips for the girls and AJ, you must have been watching me wander the other day around Target as I was looking for some of these magnetic frames they had advertised in their catalogue and couldn't find anything, and here you are sending me some! Thank you, such a great idea.

So I ate my tea last night feeling very warm and fuzzy at the thought that I recieved two lovely parcels today from girls I have never meet in real life but have become friends through EB. Its amazing. Thanks AJ and Paula! :)

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AJ said...

Your Welcome Helen!!