Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Free Motion Love Hearts

Feeling quite stoked with myself as last night I actually got to do some sewing. That in itself is such a rarity these days. Still working on this mystery quilt. Decided to get a bit adventurous and do some free motion quilting. (Is that the correct term?) I usually just stick to sitch in the ditch which I have done in this one, but thought I'd just put some love hearts in the corner of each block. Hope it shows up okay in the photo. They are a bit wonky in places but sewn with love.


Anonymous said...

Hi Helen...They look great...I'm not game enough to try that yet!! Think I might on the quilts waiting to be quilted!

PS I posted those patterns for the Christmas Tree skirts

ingrid said...

Oh Helen, this quilt looks amazing! I love the colours and the hearts look fabulous too. Now this might sound like a really silly question, but remember I know nothing about quilting, But do you need a special quilting sewing machine or do you use a regular one? From that pic it looks like you have a lot more space to work with than with a normal machine?

Anonymous said...

Helen your quilts are fantastic this one looks great.

Helen said...

Thanks Girls! :)
Ingrid! I'll answer your question here and on EB. I always wonder if I answer on my blog do people go back to check out if an answers there KWIM? No more room than normal on my machine than usual to do quilting, although you can buy special arm attachments to make it easier. Mum has one, but me, nope. The only special bits are two extra feet, a walking foot to go through thick layers and a quilting foot which allows you to do free motion stuff, just lower the feed dogs. Hope that makes sense. :)
AJ! Patterns arrived yesterday!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Now, which one to make???!
Cass! I'm a bit fustrated that this one is taking so long to finish. Can't wait till it goes to its home! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great Helen!
I'm planning on stippling my changemat that I'm working on. Doubt I'll attempt hearts though - great control there!