Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas is Over!

Well at last Christmas is over. Its not sewing related, but thought I'd share some picts of the big day. I am glad its all over for another year. It has been a bit crazy with all these bauble writing hours, thankfully that is all over. They haven't asked me back for next year..... Christmas Day was a bit of a rush around in itself. We had lunch at my parents place with my family and then rushed down to catch the 2.30 ferry over to Rottnest to spend a few days with Daz's folks. *phew!*

Anyway, here's Milly starting off the day opening her stocking pressies. As you can see Daz is "helping"! They woke at 6.30 on Christmas morning, not too bad I suppose. Just seemed early as we were up till 12 that night wrapping pressies! My Mum made the stockings a few years back from one of those pre printed panals from Spotlight. She quilted them with gold thread, they look really great, just the right size too.

And here's Grace holding up her Christmas dress that she's just unwrapped. I felt bad as I didn't get around to making the girls anything special. Oh well, next year maybe? I think the expression on her face is priceless, it says "Okay Mum, the dress is great, can I open some more presents now??!"

And here's the girls racing up and down the back patio with their new toys. Grace loved her scooter, that was a big hit. I think the trike is still a bit too big for Milly, her feet don't stay on the peddles, she'll get the hang of it. I'm thinking I'll be pushing her too and from kindy to drop Grace off and pick her up a lot this year, so lets do it in style!

Hope everybody else had a lovely day on the 25th too. Merry Christmas!


ingrid said...

Sounds like a fun but busy Christmas Helen. Santa bought Will a tricycle too and we are having the same problems. At least you were smart enough to get one with a handle. My poor husband has been trying to pull Will along on his by a piece od ribbon, lol.
Oh and I love Graces new dress. I was very tempted by that one but I resisted.

Helen said...

Ingrid, it was 25% off otherwise I would have resisted too! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Helen, looks like you had a great day and the girls look very happy with their presents. Grace looks very "impressed" by the dress LOL

Andrea said...

WOW Helen, your girls look like they are having a great time with their gifts. I think we get more out of giving them gorgeous clothes - well for the next few years anyway!

Anonymous said...

That is a busy but fun-filled day! The kids loved the pressies from the pics. Love the dress too.