Monday, October 16, 2006

Strawberry Shortcake "Comfy Pants"

Well after such a busy weekend (work on Saturday) and a day in the garden yesterday with tea at the IL's, they were home from Rotto for the weekend, I got absolutely NO sewing done. But today has been better and finally got to finish these "comfy pants" as she calls them.

I'm really pleased with them. All the seams are neatly overlocked, both the casing and leg hems are neatly turned under. And what I am really chuffed about, I came up with the idea of tucking a little peice of ribbon into the casing when closing it up, to show that its the back on the pants!!

Now, the challenge of getting Grace to actually wear them!


Cass said...

Love them and love the tag idea. I never know which is the front or the back so this is a great idea. Might have to "steal" that from you Helen.

Andrea said...

They look great Helen! Are they easy pants?
I don't use a tag (but thanks for the idea) I usually just look for where I have stitched the casing closed!

ingrid said...

These look great helen. I love the fabric. I do the tag thing too. It makes it easier for Miss C to figure out which way to pull them on.