Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Not enough fabric.

I have been on a self imposed fabric buying ban since visiting SL on the 16th of September. Told myself I can't buy any more fabric till the 20th which is this upcoming Friday. I have been successfull in my challenge except for buying this beautiful Alexander Henry print. Although I can't find the print I have anywhere in this site, brought my fabric from good old ebay.

Anyway, I spent last night tracing out this pattern as its Milly's 2nd birthday soon and I want to make her a special dress for her party. I was thinking this fabric for the bodice and middle tier then a contrast for the top and bottom tier. And I discover I do not have enough fabric!!! ERGGGGG!!! DH could not believe that I didn't have enough fabric!

So I'm stuck. I could either buy more of this fabric as I love it so much, use a totally different fabric or maybe, just maybe fudge the tier's to make them a bit smaller? As I am only just short.

Its just annoying. Thanks for reading through all my waffle if you have made it this far!


Cass said...

Helen, I don't think it would hurt if the 2nd tier was a little thinner. So then you could use this material for the top and the 2nd tier and your contrast for the others and make them a bit wider if necessary.

Helen said...

That would be the way to go Cass. Any suggestions for a contrast print?? What colour would you use?

Andrea said...

That is beatuiful fabric Helen and I love the pattern too. I agree with Cass, I would go green too, it would really bring the green out in the print.
When I first read that you had this fabric I actually thought you were using it for you LOL!

ingrid said...

I say be brave and mix prints. You could do another floral or even a gingham or spot. I think it would look great.

Helen said...

Thanks girls for your thoughts. Think I will wander around SL tomorrow night holding it up to other prints. Wish me luck!