Friday, October 13, 2006

Small and useless bags!

I have been sewing, nothing terribly exciting, just these wet bags to sell on ebay. I was selling on Buyena, but has become a bit quiet the last few months, smaller market? These are fun to sew, really easy to whip up. DH calls them "small and usless" bags as one of the very first ones I sold last year recieved a negative in my feedback, she thought it was small and usless! The name has stuck and has become a joke between DH and I now, even though the bags are big and very handy out there when you have a wet cloth nappy!

Today is bit of a big day for me, I start work this afternoon. Just a small shift of 2 - 5. Then tomorrow 9 - 5. Myers, Christamas causal, thats me! Quietly nervous but hopefully this time next week I'll be fine. Hope its all worth it, the girls seems to be getting pushed around between me, one day in FDC and with Mum. Bugger the IL's getting that job at Rotto! There goes another babysitter. Oh well.......

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Belinda said...

Good luck with the new job!!!