Sunday, October 29, 2006

My 50th post about 49 squares!

Wow, this is my 50th post! And to celebrate, here is a picture of 49 squares! LOL Have finally started on one of my quilting projects listed earlier. This one is for Michelle's baby, she is 23 weeks now. Michelle is the girls FDC carer, Grace has been going to her since October 2004 and Milly started in December 2005, every Friday they go to her place and have a ball.

This is the centre, it will have teddy bears and more squares around the outside. She is a pastel kind of lady and this is as pastel as my work gets, bright pastels, such a thing? Happy with it fo far except for the 3 blues in a diagonal row in the middle.

My husband Daz is a big spunk and I love him very much! He wanted a mention, so there you go Daz!


AJ said...

I think you're right Helen..I'd be swapping the middle blue one to a purple....Just my opinion though :)

Cass said...

Helen, looks great. I really needa photo comment on your hubby but I am sure he is a big spunk

Hannahmania said...

Great job! I so wish that mine were ever that straight... lol.

I went and counted - my quilt was 45 squares, so you beat me by 4. :P

It looks great!

Helen said...

Oh, I think thats a challange Cass! Let me see what I can do!