Friday, October 20, 2006

My Softie Attempt!

Well now that Dani has recieved the softie I made for her and she has gone to a loving home, I can post the picts I took along the way as I made it.

I agreed to take part in this swap as I always enjoy sewing things outside my comfort zone every now and again. This one stretched my little sewing brain as I had a pattern but thought there must be a better way!

So here she is all naked. I made her out of calico and tea dyed the body to give the skin more of a rustic look? The shoes I sewed to the calico then I cut the leg pattern from that.

Next I did the dress. Must admit the arm holes weren't as neat as I hoped, haven't yet mastered doing small hems! And had to make the neck hole a bit wider to squeeze her fat head over it! Then the hair! The pattern said use wool, but all the wool I saw in SL didn't really suit, so I made my own out of strips of fabric with a decorative stitch to hold it together, then hand sewn onto her head. Should have taken a close up but didn't think of it. By this stage I just wanted to post it!


Cass said...

Helen, as I said before she is beautiful.

Flossie said...

Oh what beautiful doll you did a fabulous job Oh I wish DS was a girl so I could make a pretty Dolly like that for him.

Dani said...

Helen just wanted to say that we all LOVE Rosie, especially Hallie. Thank you so much for making her for us.
And can I just say that her hair is a fab idea. Very cleaver indeed.

Helen said...

Awwww, thanks Dani. :) Glad she has gone to such a loving home with Hallie!