Wednesday, April 18, 2007

WIP Wednesday - Week 14

Wednesday again? Already???! I'm still working on my Starry block but I'm not going to post a pict as I'm close to finishing it. I have done all the machine embellishing, sandwiched it last night and am now doing a bit of hand quilting around some of the shapes, and then hopefully tonight will get to sew the binding on. Took it to my Mothers Group today so I could sit at the table and sew and chat. None of the girls are crafty unfortunately but they ohh'ed and ahh'ed it.

Well its not a proper post unless there is a picture of something..... So I decided to take a photo of the thing that started my sewing journey! It was May 2003, Grace was not even two months old and I went with my Mum to the big annual quilt show held here in Perth. Mum has quilted and done patchwork since I can remember, she's always dragging me along to something crafty. And I have been to heaps of craft fairs from my Feral Ceramic days. So I'm at this fair with a newborn, feeling a bit bored as I haven't a crafty outlet to do, when we come across the Hot Possum stand and I buy this pattern to make for Grace's door. Since then I have also done the same pattern for a Cate, Sophie, Ruby and of course a Matilda! I cringe now looking at it, my blanket stitching is so tight and tiny! Colour choice so pastel! Binding so erk! I actually did the binding for this in 4 seperate sections till Mum showed me there was an easier way. I wouldn't say my sewing skills are fantastic, but I have definately improved since this first effort!


AJ said...

Oh and I was dying to see your stary night they all have to be seperate...I thought they would all go together in one quilt?? Or is that a personal thing?? I think I might do somedoor hangings for some friends new cute!

atet said...

I think first projects are there to remind us of how far we've come. I know I can't even look at mine (literally, I made sure of it -- my mother, bless her heart, has it 3000 miles away), but if I did, well, I now at least only cut off the very tips of points -- not half of the point like I did in that thing! And doesn't it feel good to know you have improved?

Andrea said...

Your first project looks pretty good to me! Remind me why I am starting with a BIG quilt?? I know it is easy - well hopefully.

Helen said...

AJ - Its up to the quilter in the challenge. You can keep them as seperate blocks or sew them into something when you have done all 4/12. I'm going for individual!

Atet - LOL, I go cut off tips off points too! I walk past this hanger like 100 times a day hanging on her door too and I don't even see it!

Andrea - Best to start big! Jump in the deep end! :) I'm sure its looking great.

Granny Fran said...

I think that hanging is adorable. Everybody has to start with a first quilt.
Thanks for your comment on my April 12 x 12. Check out my answer to your question in the comments on Quilt Studio.