Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Peg Mail!

Today I got peg mail! Well rather, Milly got peg mail!

The lovely Cass sent Grace some peg dolls the other week for her birthday. The other day in the car WW3 broke out cause Grace had a doll, and Milly wanted it, then Milly had it and Grace wanted it. Usual 2.5 and 4 year old sister antics really. Then today in the mail there was an envelope from Cass with another little bag and 3 peg dolls just for Milly! Awwwwww! Thanks Cass! And now for the plug, you can buy them here!

And news on the quilting front..... thanks Quilting Blogger Buddies that came to my rescue about my dodgy quilting and tension in the last post. I finished unpicking late last night and today, all things were lined up with the Quilting Gods, new needle, new bobbin, no dust in bobbin case, lucky pair of socks on and wolia! It worked, perfect, perfect, perfect! I'll post a pict in tomorow's WIP post. :)


Cass said...

Glad Milly liked them.

Natalie said...

Oh Cass, what a lovely thing to do! Milly and Grace are very lucky to have their own set now.