Monday, April 16, 2007

Feet are not pincushions

Drama in our house on Saturday. Grace trod on one of my sewing needles! I was at work and so missed all the action. Apparantly she was running from the lounge room to her bedroom (despite me always telling them not to run in the house but hey, Mum wasn’t there, Dad’s rules!) and she trod on a sewing needle that was somehow embedded into the carpet. Firstly I am puzzled how it even got there as I am (usually) so careful with my needles and their whereabouts. And also, I had only just vacumned the night before!

Anyway, she HOWLED the house down Daz said, it happened while he was there in the lounge too, on the phone to his folks, when she trode on it and screamed, he just hung up! His Dad heard the screams and apparantly they got in the car and came over straight away to see what had happened! It was a 2 inch needle, Daz said the impact of her running bent the needle 90 degrees and it went into her sole over half way. He had to pull it out, she was screaming (low pain treshold like her Mum!) and it took a Wiggles band aid and a 30 minute long cudle from Daz for her to calm down. When I rung on my lounge break as I usually do, just for a chat and check up, she was all talk about stepping on the "prickle".

And sewing news, well here is a close up, work in progress shot of my Starry Night block. Its all I have been working on over the weekend. I'd say I did about 5 hours on this on Sunday and today, and still a few more hours to go. Getting there. I go from thinking erk, this is dodgy work Helen to hmmmm, quite arty farty aren't we?! LOL


AJ said...

Very arty farty Helen...looking good

Poor Grace...DH always complains about the pins/needles on the floor too...It's not like i put them there on purpose!!

Austy's Mum said...

Can't wait to see the finished block - it looks fantastic! YOu are one talented lady Helen!

Cass said...

Poor grace but it's amazing what a cuddle and a bandaid can do, especially a Wiggles one

atet said...

And my own husband asks why I always wear shoes or slippers with soles in my sewing areas. Glad Grace is fine -- isn't it amazing how resilient they are? And I'm sure the Wiggles bandaid helped! (must see if I can find some of those in the states -- dd loves them!)

The block is looking fantastic, can't wait to see the end result.

Helen said...

Ouch!! Starry nights looks good!