Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kitchen Swap Revealled!

Aren't they just the cutest??! It felt like Christmas this morning, as today was the day we were allowed to open our EB Sewing Buddies Kitchen Swap. I recieved a lovely bundle of goodies from the lovely Cass! She really did spoil myself and the girls. Grace got some peg dolls pictured above for her birthday next week, which she carried around for the rest of the day in her apron pocket!

And look at these! A pot holder for me, I love this print! And a placemat each for the girls. The monkey print is so cute and I must find out from Cass, the plastic surface, is that like an iron on? I remember once you girls saying it came fromSpotlight, same stuff? Fantastic idea as Milly is always spilling her Cheerio's in the morning!

And lastly some fabric! What is an EB swap without some fabric?! All beautiful prints, my favourite is the black one. Stunning!

And below are some picts of whatt I sewed for Andrea. Just a little runner, something bright and colourful. I enclosed some patchwork mags in her parcel too, to get her inspired!


Andrea said...

I love everything Cass made for you and the fabric is just great. Your girls look very happy with their aprons.
I love what you made for me too!

Cass said...

Helen, the plastic fabric is actually called oilcloth and I go it from Did you realise the reverse is a chalkboard (the chalk may have fallen into the bag because they weren't the best pieces. They are good to take out because the girls can draw and then turn it over and use as a placemat. The wipe clean easily too.

Belinda said...

Helen, love the gifts you received and the gifts you made! And Congratualtions on Gracie-Lou!!

Natalie said...

Wow Helen, Cass really did spoil you and the girls! I love the aprons, they are just adorable.

I really love the runner you made Andrea too, the colours are just lovely and the stitching looks fantastic!

Corrie said...

gorgeous! don't they look sweet! i bet they don't want to take it off!