Wednesday, April 04, 2007

WIP Wednesday - Week 12

I am finding these Work In Progress Wednesday posts a bit scarey at the moment as they seem to be just zooming past so fast! Its April already? Surely not??! I was preparing this post last night when Daz suprized me with a plate of antipasta nibblies and a bottle of champers for tea. Apparantly it has just hit the poor man that yes, Gracie Lou will be on the ABC! We heard today that the songs should start in June. Surreal, absolutely surreal, and exciting too.

Anyway, that was the resson this post didn't appear yesterday. Sorry for putting a hump in your week AJ! :) So here's where I am up too. What a mess! Its looking a bit all over the place at the moment. I was planning to do the second red border 6 inches from the first. Well I haven't planned that too well as on two sides I need 3 rows to do that, on the other sides I will need 4 rows. Does that make sense?

And now looking at it all I am thinking of making it more rectangular, more cot size than square. So that will mean more rows on the top and bottom and then maybe four more slash and wack blocks for the outside. Which really means, time to get sewing Helen!

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Helen said...

Fun, fun, fun quilt. Love the blues with the red zinger!