Sunday, April 01, 2007

Saturday Night Sewing!

Had a night of sewing last night, as you do on a Saturday! The football season started this weekend, I have 26 weeks of Daz watching 7 games every weekend! He is a passionate Freo Dockers member and goes to the game every second week when they play here in Perth. So all that means, uninterupted sewing time!

So last night I finally finished the above quilt top. Finally! And of course I am out of wadding so had to fold it back up after I took this photo and pop it on the WIP shelf in the sewing room. Have to buy some wadding sometime this week. I'm thinking of binding it with one of the flower prints I got from my last Spotlight trip.

And so with that project up to the quilting stage I could turn my attention to the above construction that has been hanging on the felt wall above my machine for a few weeks. Its a combination of the swap blocks from AJ and the ones that I kept. You can't tell in the photo, but the red strip was thin white swirls through the pattern. I was thinking of crazy patch strips to make up the centre square, then a bold border of red and then these blocks to make the outside border. But then looking at it last night I thought, how about a crazy patch red love heart block right in the middle? In matching red??? So that is the plan!


Cass said...

Helen, another lovely quilt and go the Dockers, well after the Swans of course. Dockers-Swans Grand Final

Vicki W said...

Cute little quilt that you finished! The blue one is going to look great too. I like the idea of the heart center.

Suz said...

Such a pretty quilt, Helen. Your blue one should be great when finished too.

Leah said...

Divine! OMG Helen! Amazing stuff! That heart is so funky & I adore the colours of your other quilt.