Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Work In Progress - Week 5 - Battle of the Ruffle

Not much WIP to report for today, too hot to sew! Have had the third day of 38! Maybe that was to account for todays battle of the ruffle!

I admit I am feeling resentful of this dress. I cut it out, then decided I'd cut out 4 inch blocks to make a quilt, see WIP week 3. Only to start sewing the quilt top and realizing I need more of the fabric! Searching desperately on the net for some. Fingers crossed a lady in New Zealand can score me some, we'll see, thats another story.

So we had Mothers Group this morning and I took along my 1.5 metre long strip of fabric to turn inside out while I sipped my coffee and chatted to the girls. And also unpicked the first attempt I had sewn the night before and not pinned it straight. So the above pict is it all pinned ready to sew. The thin line of pink thread on the green will be unpicked, thats the ruffling thread. Hope all this is worth it and Grace actually likes the dress!

Other news, I had a Bad Mother of the Year Moment, the TV fell on Grace's hand cause I was too busy sitting on the computer! Felt terrible.... Happened on Monday, Grace was off to kindy, first proper morning session 8.40 to 11.30. Milly and I rushed around with swimming lesson, haircut for her and food shopping in that time. It was all rush, rush, rush. Home again, Milly to bed. Grace was just hyped about kindy, I just needed some space to sit and be quiet. Our TV blew up Sunday night, well the tube went, so I took it out of the cabinet and put it on the couch. The thing is so heavy thats the only place I could have dumped it. Set up the spare little telly, popped in a Cinderella DVD for Grace to watch. Told her not to touch the other TV on the couch, it was leaning foward a bit as it was so heavy, its one of those big chunky 68 cm square things. Then I go into the study to hop on the net, sitting on the computer when I should be being a Mum, a Mum that actually supervises her child! When I hear this crash from the lounge room and then Grace just screams. I run to the lounge, one of those slow motion runs it seemed like, I knew the TV had fallen, visions of her underneath the thing. She was standing next to it luckily, screaming and clutching her hand. I still can't work out if it just fell and she was there or she touched it and made it fall. Anyway, her hand was bruised, nothing broken or poking out of the skin, she can squeeze with it and use it like normal this morning. Took me 30 minutes to get her to stop sobbing, I was crying with her by the end of it. I felt terrible. I am such a slacker of a mum, I spent way to much time here in the study on EB. It made me log off and shut down immediately. I should have been there. *sigh*

What a long post!


AJ said...

That dress should turn out well and if it doesn't you could always cut it up to add back to your quilt!!! :) Poor Grace...don't feel too bad Helen nothing that a little TLC won't fix...I'm sure there are more bangs and bruises to come...

Kylie said...

Oh I hope that Grace is ok - And that you are felling better - Mum's do need there space too at times. I al looking forward to seeing the skirt with it is finished.

jill said...

Every mom has at least one of those moments. Just part of being a mom. Still doesn't take the sting away, I know.

I love the fabric in the skirt! If I ever finish Hubster's shirt, spring sewing for the youngest is in the que. I can't wait!

Cass said...

Helen, the dress looks great. Sorry to hear about Grace's accident. Don't feel bad we all need time out sometimes and kids are pretty resilient.

ingrid said...

Oh poor Grace :-( and poor you too. We have all had our share of bad mummy moments.

I look forward to seeing who wins the battle of the ruffle!