Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The latest 6 blocks

Here’s the last 6 blocks which I finished yesterday, takes the tally to 48. Yahh! Am leaning towards the bottom design more, but Jill made an interesting point about quilt hogs in bed, Daz does hog the blankets so maybe the other design is the way to go? I am going to do the middle bit as that is the same in each and then decide.

Now colours for the blocks framing boarder. I’m thinking yellow, Daz isn’t so enthaustic but can’t come up with a suggestion so I think its yellow. Add a bit of zing! The square blocks though in each corner….. purple or red? They’ll only be 1 inch square. When I lay all this out on our bed to see how the yellow would look, I noticed that 3 blocks just don’t look right. Two have the wrong shade of green, a pale blue/green (the one full one bottom right hand corner in below's photo) and a green plaid print. Erk! What was I thinking? So have pulled these three out and will make another three blocks to replace them. Maybe by then I will have decided on the corner colour.


AJ said...

I think your right Helen...the green is too pale and too blue! I would make some more too...what's a few more hey?!?!?!

Cass said...

Helen I think yellow would be good and we can all use some zing in the bedroom LOL

Austy's Mum said...

The yellow certainly works as most of the centres are yellow, but if it's too much for Daz, perhaps try red?? There are some you can get with a bit of pink in them which would go beautifully against the green and still tie in with the pinks. I have one that is red with tiny pink spots - something like that would look great too.