Tuesday, February 13, 2007

20 Blue Blocks

Well, after being so excitied at finishing my first crazy strip block, I sat down, well rather stood up as I sew standing up at a bench! I just kept on going till I finished all 20 blocks needed! It was fantastic, haven't been so inpired to just sew for ages. Supposed it helped that the girls were in bed asleep for the night and Daz was watching the cricket on TV, so no interuptions! Next thing I know its 5 past 11pm!

So now I have to trim them down to 5.5 inches and sew them all together. I'm thinking a thin less than 1 inch border to frame it and then a big border of yellow? Or hot red??

AJ - Love your idea of the swap! We will do this definately!


AJ said...

I vote RED!!!! Bring out the red in some of the blocks!!!

Natalie said...

It's going to look fantastic Helen, I love the crazy strips!!! Hmmm, red or yellow would both look great (I'm not much help am I lol!!!)