Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Milly's Retro Top - Tweeked Pattern

Well here’s the top I was talking about making in my last post. I ended up using the bodice from a New Look pattern as I have made that dress three times! The last time being here. I took 2 inches off the bottom of the bodice and then just cut about a metre in length and gathered it. Not totally happy with it, the front is too wide across Milly's neck line. She is such a petite poppet. Look at that pose, its like she is poised to strut down some Milan catwalk, the way she gazes in the camera! Anyway, back to the sewing..... The next one I will take in on the width, should sit a bit better.

Scored this fabric at an op shop too. $2 for a length about 2 metres long. I think someone had made a table cloth from it, it was hemmed by hand. It is soft and falls nicely but must be old as I noticed a run on the side after I had finished sewing and also it has pulled a hole slightly where I sewed to gather it. It will be okay for around the house and the kindy run.

On another topic. Happy 100th post to me! Who would have thought when I started here I would end up 100 posts later here! Bring on the next 100 posts!


Cass said...

Helen, I love this top and Milly looks so great. The fabric looks lovely. What else are you going to make with it?

Leah said...

Ooh, that fabric looks baby soft! Love the fall of it.

Natalie said...

The top and Milly both look adorable! I don't think it looks too wide either - love the fabric, such a pretty pattern and colours.

ingrid said...

Gorgeous top Helen. I agree vintage fabrics are so fiddly and delicate to work with sometimes but thats what makes them so soft and special to wear. I love the colour of this one, it is beautiful.