Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sandwiching a Quilt - Mum's Way!

This photo of my Mum just cracks me up! She was in the middle of saying "What? Don't you dare take my photo Helen!" and it was too classic a Jules expression to take another one! LOL

Went up to Mum's yesterday to sandwich this quilt. Mum has been quilting for the last 20 years or so, she knows a thing or two more about quilting than I do. And yesterday was an eye opener as I don't sandwich my quilts like she does!

The Jules Way:
1. Tape backing fabric to table. Spray adhesive backing.
2. Lay wadding on top, smooth out. Spray wadding!
3. Lay quilt top on top, smooth out.
4. Leave for 24 hours before pinning layers together.

The Helen Way:
1. Lay backing fabric on lounge room floor!
2. Get Daz to hold wadding up outside, spray adhesive it, go inside, lay it on backing. Smooth it out to best of ones abilities!
3. Get Daz to hold up quilt top outside, spray adhesive it, go back inside, lay on wadding. Smooth it out, PIN!

Would be interested to read how any other quilters out there do their sandwiching!


Cass said...

Helen, you look just like your mum.

AJ said...

Sorry Helen I do it more like your mum...execpt I don't have a table big enough so I tape it to the wooden floor!! And I've never used sprays either...so no waiting just pin and then then sew....I can tell when I haven't done it properly...it always has wrinkles in the back!

Suzanne Earley said...

Cute quilt! I have a different way: buy a frame quilting machine (i.e. a longarm...) so you no longer have to baste the layers together ahead of time. Kind of an expensive option, but it worked for me...VBG....

novy said...

I don't quilt as you know, but your post detailing the different ways you and your mum do it cracked me up.

Back to serious business, I think that quilt looks really beautiful.