Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Work In Progress - Week 6

Well I missed last weeks WIP post due to Valentines Day. So seems like there is a huge jump in progress from 20 blocks of blue to the above! I didn't have any suitable red fabric for the boarder so have gone for yellow! It has little white random dots outlined in black scattered around, so that ties in nicely with the black frame. I'm going to cut the boarder stripes down to 2.5 inches after I have quilted it and do black binding. I am going to get Mum on Monday to help me with the sandwiching of it all, I want it nice and flat this time!
I read recently in one of my quilting mags about a new product that I'm keen to try out but do you think I can find where I read about it? Its like a pattern on paper that you stick on top of the quilt top and then you follow the design for it and then when done you rip the paper off and there's the design. All I have found in my net searching is this here. Don't know if thats the same thing.


Kay said...

That's very pretty. I like all the blues with the yellow. Will the edge be smooth when it's finished?

Helen said...

Hi Kay, yes, the edge will be smooth then finished. Although that would be an interesting effect if it was all hodge podged, kinda like prarier points for strips?! LOL Thanks for looking. :)

Flippytale Quilter said...

Your top is beautiful! The yellow really "pops" out!