Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sheridan's Blocks.

I have given myself a little break from my Christmas Table Runner Marathon and spent the last few nights working on Sheridan's blocks for Decembers round of our Around The Block Swap.

The above block is my favourite, love those ladies playing tennis! It's the largest block at 9 inches.

Sheridan choose squares and sent a lovely selection of grey and greens to play with. I haven't sewn much with grey but these were so much fun to whip up! Her specifications were to use both grey and green in each block and any size from 7 t0 10.5 inches which was perfect guidelines for me. I like sewing a bit and then seeing if it needs a bit more or not. The above block is just under 7 inches, squeezing in at 6 and 9/10th's..... Is that even a fraction I wonder? I am hopeless at maths.

And the top block is 8 inches square. Bit of a plainer block but sometimes you need the plain blocks to make the others sing! So I hope you like these Sheridan!


Anonymous said...

Like them? I LOVE them! They're all gorgeous, and thank you so much for making so many!

All have such interesting details, and I particularly love the use of the Kei honeycomb dots.

Marvellous, Helen! Thanks a bunch!

Andi said...

They're great!!!
Andi :-)

One Flew Over said...

Gorgeous the tennis players too!

Epiphany said...

I love the colours!

Kelly said...

They are Lovely!!

Anonymous said...

If she doesn't like them, kick them to me (pleeeaaaase). They're fabulous.

Cristin said...

I recently discovered Sheridan's blog - so fun! LOVE her quilts... and she is going to love these blocks! Well done - the green & grey are fabulous together!

Corrie said...

I love the tennis ladies! well done! gorgeous!