Thursday, December 31, 2009

Mother In Law's Quilt.

We are still in Rottnest and still waiting on the call for Daz's placement..... but the sewing goes on in the meantime, well a little bit of sewing. I sewed the binding on this quilt and brought it over to do the hand sewing in time to finish it for my Mother In Law's birthday on the 3rd. I have finished ahead of schedule!

I really like the back of this quilt. I used some green left over from this Christmas runner. And I was short just half a metre of the Amy Butler print so the lovely Cass posted me some over and it was enough exactly!

The binding was from half a metre that the lovely AJ posted over awhile back for my birthday I think. From the Soiree line, so pretty, perfect for all the colours in this quilt. MIL has a habit of waking at 3ish and reading on the couch cause she doesn't want to disturb FIL, so I thought this quilt would be the perfect size to snuggle up on the couch with.

She was there when I opened up the envelope from Sheridan with all the finished blocks and I explained the swap to her but not being a quilter I don't think she got it. So with that in mind I didn't put on the label that it was part of a swap. If it was a quilt intended for me I would have though. Hope that doesn't offend any of the ladies involved in this swap. Don't think it would, just wanted to explain though.

Here it is on the line. I think about 150cms square? Maybe a bit bigger. I have no tape measure here to check.

For the quilting I just did a meandering stipple with some loops thrown in. Thanks to all the girls in the Chalet Girl Block Swap that made this quilt possible.

Happy New Year everyone!


Corrie said...

gorgeous! oh all that pink, I'm just in heaven! well done, it all looks beautiful!

I just love your quilt labels too! you always do such a good job on them!!!!

happy new year

The Humming Cat said...

Very noice, love the pinkness. Did you quilt on your machine or the longarm? And is that a verigated thread?

Cass said...

Helen it looks lovely, I'm sure she loves it

Ruth's Place said...


Love the way you've dealt with all the multiple names that you MIL has in the family. I might have to try that with mine :)

Becky said...

I am not offended that the swap is not mentioned on the label, I think that is something that has meaning for us, but not to a third party. The quilt looks wonderful and I am glad you decided to gift it to your MIL.

jaybird said...

great quilt! i especially love the label!