Thursday, January 08, 2009

WIP Wednesday - Week 1 - Welcome to 2009!

What a start to the year, I am already a day late with the first WIP Wednesday post for 2009. But I have the best excuse, we have just returned home from 9 days here.

Such a magical part of the world. Our days were spent at the beach, building sandcastles, admiring the boats in the bay, picking out which one we would like if we had the money.

We also rode everywhere. That is really the only way to get around the island, that or on foot! See the zooming blobs of white in the photo? That is the girls, riding away in the distance. Grace is cautious, she applies the breaks when needed, doesn't go too fast. Matilda on the other hand, gets on and starts peddling, weaving her way through people and other bikes, going fast. And of course she can't hear me over the clatter of her training wheels calling out " Millllllllly! STOP!"

We also ate way too much of food that one shouldn't eat too much of...... I became a lunch time sandwich maker, I had a production line going! 12 sandwiches on average a day, phew! Being the only one in the family not officially working over there, I'll quietly mutter into my keyboard here if looking after the girls for 13 hours a day straight isn't a job, I don't know what is, anyway, I was on lunch duty! Ham, cheese, spanish onion, lettuce and mayo in my speciality! The girls are easy and just have promite!

And amungst all that I still managed to do some sewing! I took over the Squid Eye and hand quilted during the quieter parts of the day. I realized that when I would go into our room and sit for 10 minutes by the window doing some stitches, if I was at home here on the mainland, that is the time that I would normally pop on the computer. So much more productive doing sewing instead! I have run out of silver thread, totally finished the middle 9 blocks and done a stitch nearly in the ditch on the 2 one inch borders outside that. Started on the smaller blocks, done two so far. Getting there......

Which leads me to New Year's Resolutions for 2009! I want to finish some projects started in 2008. Grace's Log Cabin quilt is still sitting up folded ready to quilt from back in March. I have some lovely rainbow verigated cotton to use, don't know to meander stipple it, or stitch in the ditch around each log cabin strip. That actually scares me, to be honest, all that turning.... stippling may be the safe option although it is a huge 127 cms by 209 cms. Hopefully by her birthday in April I'll be done.....

And I really need to finish this. 50 x 9 inch blocks of this Jan Mullen crazy daisiez. For our bed. 2009, year of finishing big projects, bring it on!


AJ said...

We saw Rotto on a cooking/travel show while you were over there...looked devine...You'll have to take us over when we visit!

Squid eye looking good!

I'd say ditch the log cabin but all that turning might make you dizzy!!

Tine said...

That's a great goal for 2009! And you can do it!!!
I would stipple the BEAUTIFUL log cabin quilt... same reason you mentioned, it's big, and stitching in the ditch means a lot of turns! Or maybe quilt some kind of random grid on it?
I'm sure it will be wonderful, and I am sure you will be done by April ;)

Natalie said...

Awww look like you had a lovely time away, even with all that sandwich making lol! We didn't go away this year, and now I miss it.

I do LOVE the log cabin quilt, and am sure however you quilt it will be fabulous!

Cass said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Grace is just like Charlotte on her bike very cautious. I think Lucy will be like Milly must be red-haired second child syndrome

Emma said...

I think stippling the log cain will work really well - and is probably a good place to start quilting your first bed-size quilt! Isn't it amazing how much quilting gets done without the distraction of a computer? I was also lucky the the ILs took responsibility for James and Eleanor most of the time, too ;)