Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sewing Bee Sunday!

Daz had to work today so with him out the house, Ad decided to drive the 73kms up and Mum decided to drive the 15 kms down and we had a girls only sewing day! Set up the pool in the backyard, the girls alternated between splashing in it and then coming inside and watching Wall-e. Meanwhile the grown ups sewed and sewed and sewed!

I finished all the machine sewing needed on Grace's Rainbow Log Cabin. Binding is added, I did 3 more "tram track" lines of quilting around the very edge. Easier said than done, that took ages! And then zig zagged the binding. Mum and Ad looked at me strange when they saw this. I have been doing it for awhile and thought it was the normal thing to do. It makes the edge crisper when you are sewing the binding down, you can feel the actual edge better. Does this sound weird? Am I the only zig zagger before binding person out there? I'm sure I picked it up as a tip off the internet somewhere...... works for me!

Then because the afternoon was still young I dragged out these Dissappearing 9 Patch blocks I last worked on back here, September 2007. I sewed them into rows of 3 and then 4 rows together and then popped on a 5.5 inch Lakehouse white on white spot border and wolah, quilt top for a baby girl! 2009 is shaping up for year of girlfriends having babies or have already had them. A few spare quilt tops hanging around wouldn't hurt. I don't know if its cause the blocks are old but I feel a bit ho hum about this so far. I thought the white would add some zest to it but hmmmmm, don't think so, not yet. I'll have to let the quilting bring it to life.


AJ said...

No zig zag here Helen....I knew you did it though...I just don't know anyone else who does!

Pink and Purples are cute....purple binding add enough zing??

Emma said...

Nice work! I don;t zig-zag, though I so a straight stay-stitch about 1/8in from the edge. I might try the zigzag if I can be bothered, but would worry I wouldn't keep it straight, or that it would stretch the edges making the outer wavy?

I agree with AJ, I was going to suggest the right right binding might provide the zing you want.

Little Munchkins said...

Sounds like a perfect and fun day! I have tried getting my sister into sewing but she is not interested, only when she gets the finished product LOL.

Natasha said...

No zig zag here either - but I am interested in knowing more about what you do!

Love the pinks and purples.

Cyliebug said...

Never heard of the zig zag on the binding but, hey, if it works!

Looks lovely.

Cass said...

Sounds like the perfect day.

dottycookie said...

I think it's gorgeous - but I am a quilting novice so I suspect I don't know any better ;-)

Your blog is lovely. I'm glad you entered Katy's giveaway so I could find it!