Wednesday, September 10, 2008

WIP Wednesday - Week 33 - Emma's RR finished! Yahh!

I finished this little baby last night! Yahhhhh! Here is a sneek peek as I can't show the whole thing! It looks much, much, much better than the first attempt. I feel better about it. I didn't realize when I signed up just how challenging a Round Robin would be, sewing to other people's colours and preferences. Emma, I hope you like my effort, the points are all sharp and punchy, I think you will. :) I did each block foundation peiced and was pleasantly suprised that it lined up exactly when I sewed them on!

AJ, its on its way to your house...... again! And back to the Squid Eye Quilt I go, which hasn't been touched since WIP Week 29!


renate said...

Dear Helen,
you have a very nice blog and lovely pictures and beautiful quilts
I love it ..

best wishes
from Germany

AJ said...

Lovely Helen...hanging out to see the whole thing....I will have to wait and see if what I was going to do will still work....can't wait!!

Emma said...

It looks great Helen! I hadn't realised what a challenge it would be either, but I'm enjoying working on yours.

Kellie said...

I am looking forward to how those squid eyes are coming along. Very nice of Susan to fill your swap 'gap'! Did you ever find any of the fabric that you were looking for?