Monday, September 08, 2008

The Spooky Dress!

Here is Grace's latest dress, it's not really spooky, but it is black, so she thinks it is spooky. On the weekend she went to a fellow class mates 6th birthday party and it was a spooky party. The invite had glow in the dark ghost stickers all over it, and apparantly there was a witch there and a lucky slime dip and a spider cake. Cool theme for a kids party, Grace came home with a tattoo on her cheek, see below post's photo and some hair sprayed a nice shade of green.

Anyway back to the dress.... When we got the invite, Grace said "I want to wear black". I suddenly turned into my own mother and said "You are NOT wearing black to a party young lady!" How many times did I hear that as a teenager? But then a few days later at Spotlight I spotted this material and thought it had enough black on it to keep Grace happy and enough splashes of colour in the ladybirds and white dots to keep me happy. And the best bit, it had already had the shirring done! So all I had to do was sew it up, hem the bottom and add some straps, which is pretty much exactly what I did. With a few interuptions I think it took maybe an hour and a half. I thought is was great that the shirring was already done. I have done it before, but I am so time poor at the moment, it was worth the $18 a metre it cost.

Milly captured the above moment celebrating the success of the spooky dress!


Tine said...

That dress is so cute!! She looks adorable :-)

Cass said...

Looks great Helen I really must get some

upstateLisa said...

Very cute, Helen! Nice to see you too! When did you change your banner? I really like it!

Emma said...

Very cute spooky dress! I thought I was against kids in black, but Eleanor looks so good in it, I've changed my mind, and love black - as long as there's a splash of colour!