Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 Quilt Review

Well its that time of the year again, Christmas is over, time to start thinking about what project to get stuck into next. Time to reflect over what one has made through the year. Last year it was these quilts here. This year, there is a few more....

Started out a busy January making the one above for a dear blogging buddy Cass's second daughter Lucy. I love this chicken print, very bright and vibrant.

Also in January, this one for the girls Family Day Care carer who was about to have her own baby. I am quite excitied as that was nearly a year ago and she is starting up her Family Day Care again which I can sent Milly to her again instead of the place she goes to once a week now.

Then in March I finished this one for another friend that had her second baby, a little boy named Hugo, cot sized. Terrible photo sorry. Old dodgy camera.

In May I finished another cot sized one for an online buddy who had her second baby. Used up quite a few blue scraps making this one!

And then in August I finally finished this one for another friend who had her second son, baby Elliott. One of my favorites this quilt. I was scared of using the white at first but I think it worked perfectly!

Also in August I finshed this Dissappearing 9 Patch quilt for another online buddy who had her fourth child, a boy after 3 girls, was just so happy for her to sew this one.

September saw the wrap up of a Raggedy Edges lap sized quilt.

October saw me finish Caitlin's quilt. One of the girls in my "real life" Mothers Group had her second child, a girl, little Caitlin.

November saw the unveiling of two dolls quilts as part of a swap organized with the EB Quilters. A fun swap!

December sent me into a spin, deciding to make two lap sized quilts as thank you presents for Grace's kindy teacher and her assistant. The above one was for the teacher, Mrs K.

And then this one for the assistant teacher which I pulled out all stops to finish in 19 days! Thank goodness for charm square packs and the stunning simplicity of Dissappearing 9 Patches!

Phew! I think that was all! While I was going through all my posts gathering these photos and working out when I had made them, I realized that a lot of my friends have had babies this year and not one of these quilts has stayed in my house! 2008 I am going to finish a single bed sized quilt for both of the girls and finally finish my own queen sized quilt. That is the goal for 2008!


Emma said...

Nice going, Helen! That works out at a quilt a month, and that's without the one you made for AJ!! There is quite a vaiety there, too.

ingrid said...

Wow Helen, that is a lot of quilty goodness there for 2007. Well done!
Puts my two little doll quilts to shame.
Thanks for all the encouragement and inspiration. You are my quilting guru :-)

Cascade Lily said...

Helen what a great way to celebrate your quilty work over the past year! I do adore the one you made for Romily and me.

The last one is fab - love the colours you chose. I hope it is really cherished :)

And my oh my doesn't Miss Grace have the most perfect eyebrows?!

The Wooden Spool said...

what a beauty-ful year of quilts! LOVELY, every last one of them!

Chookyblue said...

great quilts it is nice to see the year in review..........

Natalie said...

Wow Helen, they are all just fantastic! What a great idea to show them all together, you can see just how much you've accomplished :)

Kylie said...

Wow Helen - you have had a busy year - And look at all of those georgous baby quilts - what a busy 2007

Niki said...

Love the last one for the assistant. Beautiful blog btw :) HUGS.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Helen - and best wishes for your goals for 2008.
Love MVxxx

Kicsoda said...

Helen, you were busy this year! What a beautiful collection, sad that you cannot see them together:-)
Happy new year, and more great quilts!
BTW I learned a lot from you about borders:-)

atet said...

Wow -- what a busy year you've had. Your post had me thinking and I only finished two quilts this year!!! I did a lot of other projects (bags, pillows, etc. ) -- but only two quilts. I think I need to get cracking in 2008! Happy New Year to you and your family -- may it bring you much joy, love and laughter.

TheGraceDiaries said...

hello there,
I just have a question. I am a beginner sewer and have made 3 cot sized quilts (i learnt how to make them from a book on quiling I borrowed from the library). Now my sister wants one for her daughters single bed. You said you were about the embark upon making 2 single quilts, my question is: what size do you make a single bed quilt? what size batting do you use etc?
P.S. I love your work.