Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Craft and Lights.

No WIP Wednesday today. Actually its on holidays till January next year. There is simply too much going on at the moment to sew! I feel like a slack blogger too. Daz is on holidays at the moment, so I have stepped into the full time working role at my work. Which at first seemed like a great idea but today was day 5 of 9 to 6 and I'm over it! Can't wait for Christmas just to have a break! Daz and the girls have been having a ball, every day I have come home to a trashed house and dirty faces, they are loving it! We took them last night to see some Christmas lights not too far from our place. This cul de sac has won the award for best Christmas Lights 4 years in a row! It was like peak hour traffic last night at 9pm, but the girls loved it!

Haven't really mentioned in here, but Grace has finished kindy. Last Thursday was her final day. Next year it will be full time pre primary, she is growing up and already looking foward to the "big kids school". She came home with lots of goodies, two huge scrap books of all the work she has done this year and a box of Christmas craft. She does love her craft! Hmmm, wonder where she gets that from!


Cass said...

Love the girls in their pj's at the Christmas lights. Can't believe it's "big school" next year for our girls

ingrid said...

AWWWW, look at the big girl and all her creations. Is pre primary like kindergarten in NSW (5 full days)?