Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WIP Week 18 - More Pinwheel Progress!

Finished all the pinwheel blocks for the centre panal. Wasn't sure about the white but I think its working now.

Now I have to cut out 2.5 x 5.5 inch rectangles for the boarder. The pattern says just a 5.5 inch block of plain for the corners but think I'll do 4 more pinwheels instead.

*sigh* Have been feeling really grumpy the last few days, I am turning into a yelling Mummy, which isn't an attractive look especially when you hear your 4 year old yell in the same manner and tone to your 2.5 year old. The kids skateboarding over the road in their driveway are sh*tting me with the noise, we live in a cul de sac so its usually pretty quiet. Think its a combination of Grace's partically challenging behaviour at the moment and a bit of PMT. We are going to try a star chart to see if we can at least fix that!

And also been having questioning debates with my self over the joy of sewing quilts for other people. I used to love doing it but lately, well I'm not feeling the joy of doing it, more like its expected of me? So after this one for Elliott and one more for a girl in my Mothers Group who is due in June, thats it. I'm starting to look around my house and think about what I could sew for my girls. Not like they need any more quilts but Grace hasn't got one for her big girls bed, only toodler bed sized. And our queen sized bed quilt..... still a WIP for 2 years, so plently to do here.


atet said...

Love your pinwheel quilt -- the white really does help the colors pop.

I know what you mean about making quilts for others. When it's not something you do because you want to, but because others EXPECT it, it takes something away. Take a break from making gifts -- gift cards and onesies make lovely baby gifts. I know I loved getting a silly hooded towel for dd's bath. Work on something for yourself -- you deserve it (and ALL mommy's have those moments, I had one just the other day after getting hit in the face, not a wonderful mommy moment and I try not to have them but I know I need to forgive myself when I do).

Vicki W said...

What a cute quilt! I'm not good at sewing for others unless it fits into my current inspiration. Absolutely, you deserve to do something for yourself!

Corrie said...

love it!

now I think you'd be great at wardrobe refashion! come on! I can see you there!

AJ said...

love the about a seing challenge to sew something for your self...cloths???

Andrea said...

I love the pin wheels too.
Sorry to hear you are feeling BLAH!
You are not preg are you?? I remember getting fair up the kids across the road when I was preg with Ellyse. I told them they were making unnecessary noise - they were playing basketball (blush) so embarrassing now I think about it!

I hope you feel better soon!

Leah said...

I think you need an "other people" break! Your stuff is so amazing. I am sure you could find a million other things to do. I am doing a wall hanging for Abby (Yakker's DD) - she's 7 weeks old & I still haven't finished it!

ingrid said...

Awww Helen, I have a headache tonight too ;-) so I know how you feel. As much as I love your quilts it will be nice to see you getting into other projects.

Nicole said...

Your pinwheel quilt is very sweet. So springy. It reminds me of kites and and jacks and all the things we used to do in the spring as kids.
You are so right about making quilts for others. There can be incredible pride and joy associated with it, but when folks take it for granted it can go sour on you. Honestly, some people think quiltmaking is like baking a cake--that we can just pop these things out in a jiffy.
Hang in there with the kids. It isn't easy being a mom, that is for sure.