Sunday, May 06, 2007

Meeting Elliott

Meet Elliott! Here he is just 3 days old. Awwwww. Good friends of ours had their second son on Friday morning at 6.25am. And here we are visiting them in hospital on the Sunday morning, just couldn't wait any longer! So tiny and perfect. Grace was so curious, touching him, whispering to him, wanting to cuddle him where as Milly was like oh, whats in this cupboard?? Such a slacker though, we have known this baby has been arriving for the last 7 months and I have sewn him nothing! Which is very embarrassing. So on Friday I dug out all my favourite mags looking for a pattern to get inspired, no luck. So searched through my favourite free pattern sites on the net and decided I am going to make this for Elliott. That should test my accuracy!


AJ said...

Oh Helen you should be able to whip that up in no time!! LOL Using brights???

atet said...

A fun pattern, and it should be able to be done fairly quickly. He's a charmer!

Andrea said...

What a little cutie, love the name! The quilt looks great.