Wednesday, May 09, 2007

WIP Wednesday - Week 17 Pinwheel Progress!

Well here we have the first 15 pinwheels for baby Elliott's quilt. I must admit the white is growing on me. My rotary blade is on its last legs and my local Spotlight never has any replacement blades for the 45mm ones. I'm hanging out till the 26th when my sister and I are off to this big Quilt and Craft Fair on in the city. Always pick up cheap blades there and maybe I can keep my eye out for a rotary blade sharpener! Would be interested to hear from any Quilter Bloggers out there that have one..... are they really, really good??

Anyway, back to the pinwheels. Trying to create a rainbow of colour but finding it a bit tricky with yellow against the white. And as usual, going for the brights. So I need 25 for the centre, 10 to go! Think I need a bit more green and purple.


AJ said...

Yep Helen need more Green!! Do you have some..I'm willing to send you some of my favourite ones...How much do you need for a block? On the blade front I got my last lot of 5 off ebay...good price for the blade sharpener...I don't have one but have heard that they sharpen the blade by thinning the edge and that's not good apparently...??? Let me know what you find out!

Vicki W said...

Save you money from the sharpener and just buy more blades. I have a sharpener and never thought that it was worth much. There are services that sharpen blades but I just buy them in bulk.
The pinwheel quilt is going to be so cute!

Suzanne Earley said...

I love pinwheels -- yours is going to be very cute.

I'm with Vicki, don't bother with the sharpener....

atet said...

Love the pinwheels! As for the yellow dilema -- yellow and white are a difficult combination, not enough contrast. You could save the yellow for the borders -- would give you the splash, but not have to worry as much about how well it works with the white.

As for the blades, I've heard good things about buying them on e-bay relatively cheaply.

jill said...

Yup, the chorus is correct: skip the sharpener. I used to work for Joann's (fabric retailer here in the states) and can't count the number of times customers returned those things claiming they were defective. In the end, the blades are just a better idea.

The pinwheels look great, btw. I admire your stick-to-itness with them. After about 5, I decide I'm done with them. lol.

Do you know of any international, smaller fabric swaps starting up soon? I would love to swap a few fat quarters with folks from other countries in a few months.