Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Co op Fabric - AT LAST! And a homemade 1/4th foot

Arrived home from the kindy run this morning to find a parcel on my doorstep. It was 2 yards each of the above fabric from my latest and last co op I'll be involved in! Joined this particular group, a year ago? I ordered and paid for this fabric back in November. The two ladies that run it have since split and gone their own co op ways and so things have gone a bit pear shaped which is sad cause I love getting fabric in the mail! Beautiful prints but no idea what to make with them!

And below, a pict just for Kylie! And I suppose for anyone else who is wondering, do I really need a 1/4th inch foot to do patchwork? Not really I say (although I do use one, just set up the shot below!) Just lower your needle, don't have a foot on, use a measuring tape to work out where 1/4th an inch is, then tape some masking tape to the plate to use that as a guide, put your normal foot back on the machine and there you go!

While I am thinking of it, why is quilting all in inches?


lisa said...

OMG I love that fabric, absolutely gorgeous!!!

Austy's Mum said...

I have done the same thing with my machine - I have a black strip of electrical tape running along the base and then a seperat tape pice on the compartment so I can still remove it. Works a treat!

Such pretty fabric. Would be great for little girl's things.

Natalie said...

Helen, those fabrics are just divine! You can always send them to me if you can't use them ;)

You've also just answered a question I had, I found a 1/4" foot in my new sewing machine and had no idea what I'd use it for - thanks :D

atet said...

Those fabrics are LOVELY -- more bags?

As for why everything is in inches -- it's a plot. You see, by requiring all sewers to remember inches and yards Americans are hoping to mask the fact that we can't be bothered to learn the measuring systems the rest of the world uses. Now, if there were just a way to convince all of you that Farenheit not Celcius is the way to go and that Miles are much more useful than Kilometers...Bwahahahahaha

jill said...

You always have the greatest fabrics!

As for the 1/4 inch foot thing...just remember that YOU can have whatever seam allowance YOU want. Looks to me like the clear plastic piece on the right of your foot is just a smidge over that 1/4 inch mark and that is what I would use instead of fussing with tape. Of course, I say that having done it for years before acquiring my latest machine which came with all sorts of lovely gadgets. ;o)

flippytale Quilter said...

LOL, yeah the inch thing must be frustrating, but I'm glad you figured it out. I suppose you can sew whatever seam allowance you want as long as you calculate it before cutting and keep it consistant.

Are your tools metric or inches? Are they all the same then?

My first five years of quilting were accomplished without knowing about 1/4 inch seams, I just used the side of my presser foot. Everything came out okay, a little smaller, good since I've wasn't too particular about final sizes. I'm much better now...

Helen said...

Ahhh the mysteries of the 1/4th foot!

Fairytale Quilter - Yep, all my tools are in inches, mat and rulers. When we buy fabric though, we ask for a metre or 50 cms. Of course in quilting shops they still do FQ's!

Jill - hello stranger! A new machine with lots of gadgets sounds mmmm! My machine came with like 10 feet and I was like huh?? When I first started, now can you imagine life any different?

Atet - LOL! Its a bit like tomato/tomato! :)

Thanks for your comments girls. Makes me :)