Friday, May 25, 2007

Thank you AJ!

Look at what I found under my doormat today when I came home from the food shopping! The lovely AJ had sent me a birthday package full of quilting goodies! I was really touched, it felt like my birthday all over again! Look at all the stuff she squeezed in! Even some stickers for Grace's reward chart we have started. AJ you are such a sweetie, thank you so much my online quilting buddy! I'll have to stalk you now to find out when your birthday is!

And the orange strips below are from her too. The yellow, greens and purples are from fellow EB quilters who we have yet to convince to get a blog! LOL So I have no excuse now to get a log cabin block happening!

Cass and Ingrid K asked about my new camera! Here it is, nice and shinny! Our best man from our wedding works at our local Harvey Norman which is very handy as when we go there and buy from him we get wholesale prices which are 50% less than what its marked at for sale! I wanted a camera with a zoom, cause my other one didn't and it made it hard to take shots of the kids without being right in their face. Now I can zoom in from a distance. It has lots of nice little features I'm yet to familiarize myself with. Its a Panasonic DMCTZ1 if that means anything! $348.00. Maybe a bit more than I had budgeted for, but the zoom, oh the zoom!


AJ said...

You're most welcome Helen...A good friend deserves something special every now and then!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh Helen, great camera. It looks the same as one both my sister and in-laws bought recently. If it is you got a fantastic price.

Cass said...

Looks like you got some lovely gooies there and thanks for the info re: camera. I am going to work on that for a chrissie present.

Helen said...

Cass, I hope a Christmas in July pressie for you!