Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 11- AJ's Blocks.

Great mail today! My "missing"package from AJ! I didn't know it was missing till last week when she asked if I had received it yet. Then today there was a "parcel to collect" slip in the PO box and when I handed it over the lady asked me if that was the second slip I had received? The first slip never made it to my PO Box for some reason so these have been sitting unclaimed for over a week! AJ in her usual typical style of being a legend, sewed a little bit extra for my swap blocks for Around the Block - Round 2! Look at all these!

Only one of these needed a bit of yellow added to the outer, I quickly did that and then sewed these four together. I have three tones of Kona yellow coming in the mail for this quilt.

And this one also needed a bit of yellow on the outer. Look familiar Amy??!

And here is what they look like with my other blocks. Very happy with them, thanks AJ!


AJ said...

They look good all together! Soooo Gald they were waiting safely for you and not flying around Australia somewhere!

Barb said...

these colors are so great together!
what a great mix of pattern too