Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 24 - Grace and a Python.

This morning I took the girls to the vet's which was having an open day with the local wildlife rescue group. Grace was so excited, from 6am this morning, all I got from her was "Is is time to go now Mum?" She got to hold a Stimson Python which is non venomous. It was called Mary! A giant stick insect one week, a python the next..... she loves it up here! Note the other daughter in the background who took a lot of coaxing by her older sister just to touch it for a nano second!


Jan said...

Oh Helen I love your blog but really, really snakes, bugs, lizards. Sorry, I will wait for the quilts to come back thanks.


Tine said...

LOL! How fun is that picture!! What a great adventure :)

Sarah Craig said...

My granddaughter would be right there with her!!

Poppyprint said...

Stick insect. Yes.
Snake. No. Thanks.