Wednesday, February 17, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Free Motion Quilting Chickens.

I think my sewing machine may be cross at me. Sulking from being in a packing box too long. I can't get the auto threader thingy to work at all. But more importantly, my darning foot has just died. How can it?? I thought feet were supposed to last forever? It sort of pulls the foot foward which causes the needle to go straight down onto the foot and break. Not good. But funnily enough if I leave the feed dogs up, it will work, sort of. Gives a rough FMQ line. Which is perfect for this quilt for the Flickr DQS#8 as that is the look I was after to go around the chickens in.

I added the border and will bind this one in a black and white dot. I want to FMQ the yellow, I need smooth lines for that bit so I am currently waiting for a new darning foot via ebay.

I still can't shake the urge to make two of these quilts when I do a swap. This is the second one. One for my wall, one for my partners!


Poppyprint said...

The borders are fantastic!!! Sorry to hear about the foot issues, I hope your new one makes it there soon.

jmbmommy said...

This is such a charming quilt! I love the cabbage and rose fabric on the bottom, it is just perfect. Very well done!

Shari said...

just love these crazy chickens! very lol

Hope your machine gets better soon!

Looks like you are having a great time so far in the North! Hope you are able to find a local quilt group to meet up with!

Susan said...

Oh, they're both wonderful! I had no idea a darning foot could go bad, I hope your new one shows up quickly! I too am just taken with the yellow cabbage rose fabric! Woo! It's so great in your quilt.

MandMStudio said...


karen said...

I made 2 DQS8 quilts too - love your chickens!!

ArtGirl/California/United States said...

this is awesome. i especially love how you've used the kaffe fabric on the chicken body. very inspiring!

オテモヤン said...


Mrs Moen said...

I would have made one for myself too; they are so cute!
I hate when bad things happen to good feet.

Lonci said...

Very impressive:)