Monday, February 15, 2010

Black Rock Falls.

Yesterday started with a fantastic breakfast and ended with an even better swim. This is the real reason you come up to this part of Australia, to have this in your back yard. We don't have a 4WD (yet!) so when fellow teachers asked us if we wanted to go for a swim at one of the local falls, we said yes! A 30 minute or so drive later, we parked and walked up the track...

And then around the bend to see this!

Walk in a bit more, as you can see the girls are really excited! I was quite proud of them, they were sitting in the back for the drive and Grace was looking out the window saying "This scenery up here is just stunning Mummy! Look at that tree!"

This was the 30 metre rock face that greeted us. We haven't had any rain in about 4 days so the waterfall was just a trickle but the water was so cool and refreshing. Swimming over to sit underneath it on a little natural ledge was great. And no, we didn't climb up to jump off like those crazy backpackers were doing. Sent shivers up my spin to watch them jump in.

Daz having a swim. Got him a beer just after I took this shot!

The girls after going for a swim were off exploring. They found a black frog. This part was a little gravel beach that the water eventually flowed down to and trickled away into a creek.

They built a mini dam too. Just had a great time, whinged when it was time to go.

And the perfect sunset on the way home. A great end to another great day.


ingrid said...

Wow Helen, it looks amazing!
I imagine it is days like this one that make your adventure all worth while.

becanne said...

You sound happy :)!

Looking at your pictures makes me want to pack up the caravan and head off again.

Poppyprint said...

What a special spot!!! Do you have to be careful of poisonous creepy/slithery things up there? It must be wonderful to arrive at a beautiful place like that and (except for crazy back packers) have the place all to yourselves!

Millie said...

Wow! What a fabulous spot!

Kelly said...

That is just gorgeous! Sounds like one of those days that you just don't ever forget!

AJ said...

Walking directions to Kununurra WA
3,378 km – about 28 days 6 hours.....I'll be there soon

Leah said...

These posts are peaking my interest in packing up & travelling! Beautiful spot you found there :D