Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day Breakfast!

Valentine's Day is pretty much a non event in our house, no cards, no red roses, a kiss and a "Happy Valentine's Day" in the morning is about it! But that's okay, we just don't do Valentines Day, it's also the anniversary of Grandad passing away, we'll toast him with our beer tonight. But this year I decided we would go out for breakfast using Valentine's Day as the excuse. Ha! As if I needed an excuse. Conversation up here soon turns to where you can get a good coffee and someone earlier in the week suggested this place, so I booked a table for four. And here was my first real coffee in awhile and boy was it good.

We had an outside table. Much to the delight of the girls as leaning over and looking down....

.... all these catfish just waiting for toast scraps to be thrown over!

This was our view to the left.

And this was the view to the right. You can drive your boat up to their jetty, if one has a boat that is! We drove. :)

And this was the view if you just looked straight ahead and stared into space. Water and blue skies in all directions. I love the openess of the country up here, breath taking.

So when you come up to visit, yes, you! We'll go here for a coffee or a beer or maybe even dinner!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, just might take you up on that coffee or beer!

AJ said...

Looks like a lovely spot! See you there soon!

Poppyprint said...

What a gorgeous breakfast spot. I would love to join you, virtually, that is!